How to select and install a Storm Door?

Protecting your house from bad weather is important if you want to enjoy a longer stay without spending on extensive repairs. Storm doors are one such item which not only protects the exterior door of your house from the rough weather but also provides ventilation.  Storm doors are easy to install and available as ready to assemble kits.

You can select the storm doors in various colour combinations, finishes, styles, and materials. They even come with removable panels and screens to cater to different seasons.

Storm DoorLet us take a look at the main aspects of the storm door.


Storm doors have a layered structure comprising of three layers: two outer metallic layers and an inner sandwiched layer of foam insulation. They are hinged at three places along the top and bottom with latches and hooks. For added security, toughened glass, grilles and locking systems are also an option.


There are two standard sizes available these days 36 and 32 inches for the entry and back doors respectively.


You need to take precise measurements before you go out to buy a storm door to ensure a proper fit. Hence, measure the height, width and thickness of the exterior door, frame and the moulding. Storm shutters/doors are provided as ready to install kits including all the hardware required for the task. Most of them are supplied in a pre-hung configuration, i.e. the door and the frame are attached.

Storm DoorThe level of customization:

Like normal doors, storm doors also give you the opportunity for customizing them according to your preference. Let’s take a look at all the customization options.


Standard colours include white and almond or light beige. However, other shades like black, brown, green and taupe etc are also available.


From plain matte finish to highly glossy finishes are available apart from textured surfaces. Handles sets can also be in different finishes like satin, brushed nickel, bronze or brass.


There are three styles available in the frame namely full view, mid view and high view essentially indicating the kind of view offered when looked on. There are options of having the frame glass in several styles like clear, stained or beveled.

Door Closers:

Storm doors also come with door closer that are attached to the top of the door and the frame. Door closers control the extent and the way the door opens. Today all door closers are of the pneumatic type which consists of a small reservoir holding the fluid which facilitates gentle opening and closing of the door. An additional accessory is a sliding washer that helps in keeping the door in an open position to carry items to and from the house.


Screens are available in various materials like galvanized steel, aluminum, bronze or fiberglass. Galvanized steel is the affordable and very durable but coating can peel off after some time. Aluminum screens are highly corrosion resistant but somewhat weaker. Bronze is the most durable and the most expensive one. Fiberglass screens are completely corrosion resistant and lightweight as well.


Why Investing In Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors & Impact Windows Makes Sense?

Seaside house owners may have a wonderful view of the beach and the natural landscape. However, things get little awry when the hurricane alerts arrive. One of the toughest things to deal with in a hurricane-prone area is your house safety. Is your house strong enough to withstand the high impact projectiles and debris flying in with the storm? Architects recommend fitting hurricane resistant entry doors and high impact windows as the storm-proofing procedure for every house.

Here are 5 reasons why investing in hurricane resistant entry doors and impact windows makes sense.

1.  Permanent Hurricane Protection:

When the storm blows at over 100 miles per hour, chances of your regular doors and windows staying affixed are very small. In fact, they are the first things to get ripped apart. With no doors and windows to protect the family members and the property against the deadly gust of wind and accompanying debris, there is no way you can consider your house a safe haven anymore.

Installing hurricane resistant doors and impact windows provide permanent protection against the damage that flying debris and projectiles do when the hurricanes strike. According to the top architects in the US, hurricane resistant entry doors can withstand the onslaught of severe storms.

2.  Easy to install:

Hurricane resistant entry doors can be installed in less than three hours. Top door installation specialists fix doors and windows at different locations of the house—patio, garage, basement, terrace and main entry. Mid-house and top floors can also be installed with indoor hurricane impact doors.

hurricane resistant entry doors 3.  100% Breach-Proof:

If these doors can withstand the hurricane, chances of being breached by saws and burglar tools are also negligible. Yes, hurricane resistant entry doors offer 100% protection against break-ins and robbery attempts. Made of high-quality wood and tempered glass with reinforced metal fibers inside, these doors are hard to breach. They can be fitted with world-class mechanical and electronic locks as well.

Sliding doors can be fixed with high-grade aluminum frames with doorjamb. Speaking of security, hurricane resistant entry doors not only look pretty from the outside, they also offer invincible protection while you are sleeping inside or out of the house.

4.  Energy efficient:

Doors that can save you tons of energy cost?


Oh yes! Installing hurricane resistant entry doors contribute significantly to the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems installed inside. The storm-proof doors and impact windows offer a leak-proof ambience. Air, water, and dust—these doors and windows can keep everything from entering your space.

impact windows

After all, that’s what they are built for.

5.  Noise proof:

Complaining of that jackhammer disturbing your matinee plan? Well, installing hurricane resistant entry doors can keep even the harshest of the noise away. You may not even hear a Boeing flying past your house. The doors offer superior insulation against the outside noise, and it is an absolute luxury to live inside a house that is free from noise, dust and storm debris.

From design and appearance point of view, most hurricane impact door manufacturers don’t compromise on the home design requirements.

Top FAQs related to Impact Resistant Front Doors

Architects have a hard time walking the thin line between aesthetics and durability. The challenge doubles up when the house is located in a hurricane proof area. The challenge is selecting the impact front doors. In recent times, the impact front doors and windows have become the most vital element of structural stability in beachside localities. However, most house owners are riddled in confusion due to the lack of understanding about the front hurricane resistant doors.

Here are 5 common things that house owners and architects actually ask the manufacturers and dealers before buying the hurricane resistant impact doors, single hung windows, and other coverings as part of storm-proofing.

1.  Who approves the hurricane impact front doors?

The doors are certified by industry experts and government regulators before they are ready to sell in the market. Valid documentation has to be produced to earn the certification. Each state in the USA may have its own set of certification procedure. Top impact resistant front doors manufacturers have to seek certification from National Accreditation and Management Institute, Inc. or NAMI, as it is popularly called. NAMI certification is given after thorough inspection and quality assurance protocols are followed.

Impact Resistant Front DoorsBefore dealing in a hurricane resistant entry doors, check out if the manufacturer is certified by NAMI.

2.  How much force can the door sustain?

Hurricane resistant doors are rated depending on the pressure they can sustain per inch of their surface. Only complete and fully assembled doors are actually rated for pressure checks. In order to sustain the storm forces and debris impact, the doors have to be tested in a stimulated condition where they are subjected to winds and projectiles at 160 miles per hour. Doors are subjected to wooden studs flying at 50 feet per second and then subjected to a uniform pressure of 70psf.

3.  Do doors actually withstand that kind of pressure?

Yes, they do. However, the stability of hurricane resistant entry doors also depends on the quality of installation and the framing structure. The choice of materials also plays a significant part in deciding if the hurricane resistant doors can actually survive the onslaught of the storm. The top choices for storm-proofing homes in beach localities across the US are vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass.

4.  Are doors rated for energy insulation, smoke proof, and draft control as well?

Yes, they are. It is mandatory for the hurricane resistant entry doors to undergo fire testing as well. The fire safety ratings ensure that the smoke and draft don’t leak into other rooms when there is a case of fire. In another case, if there is a fire outside, the hurricane impact front doors and windows can also protect the indoor space from smoke and draft. They are 100% air and water tight.

single hung windows5.  Can I earn Federal Tax credit from US government?

It is possible to earn federal tax credit from the US government only when the house owners install certified door and windows in their property. The assembled doors should meet the building structure codes laid by the local governing bodies.

Before installing impact front doors and single hung windows, consult your architect.

A look at Top Finishes for Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Doors and windows are the quintessential elements of every house. However, things have changed drastically regarding their designs and applications in the last few decades. One of the major developments has been in the area of hurricane resistance. Today, you will find more hurricane resistant entry doors and impact windows than ever before. Finding a hurricane resistant entry doors seller is a very challenging mission, especially if you live in an area not known to be prone to hurricanes. In most hurricane-prone areas, it is mandatory to install impact resistant single hung windows and doors.

If you are looking for impact resistant doors and windows for your house, here are top finishes that contemporary manufacturers offer.

Single Hung Windows

Fiberglass Doors:

Hurricane resistant entry doors made of fiberglass are gaining massive popularity among beachside house owners. They are usually made of solid or frosted glass with reinforced fiber sheets to protect the internal layers from getting damaged during storms. The strength of the door lies in its frame. It is therefore made of high-quality anti-corrosion mix of metal and plastic polymer. It is light and durable and can be easily operated by the user.

Wooden doors:

Wooden doors remain the top choice of house owners who don’t want to miss out on the luxury of the grainy finish they offer. Due to recent regulations in building codes, wooden doors have to be made of special quality to ensure that they don’t rip apart when the projectiles tike them. Therefore, they are coated with special bonded polymer to negotiate against debris flying at more than 100 miles per hour.


Vinyl is a very durable door and window material. Due to excellent thermal insulation and little maintenance, the hurricane resistant entry doors made of vinyl are considered the go-to option for low budget homes. They also offer excellent rigidity against any attempt to break in. With multiple colors lining up the showroom, the hurricane resistant entry doors are selling more than their glass, aluminum and wooden counterparts.

Other materials:

This section is dedicated exclusively to the ‘slabs’. They are basically hurricane resistant entry doors and windows without any frames. They can be made of aluminum, wood, steel or vinyl. Fiberglass doors are also part of slabs section.

Due to their hollow cross-section and molded surface, these hurricane resistant entry doors are also ideal for set up inside the inner rooms. Features you should look for in a hurricane resistant entry doors

  • High-quality anti-corrosion frame
  • Projectile resistant
  • Sliding and single hung flexibility
  • Tinted and multi-color surface
  • Noise-proof construction
  • High energy efficiency with 100% insulation option
  • Deco glass options with metal rims for aesthetic purpose

Price-wise, hurricane resistant entry doors may come in different categories. It largely depends on the features you are opting for. For example, if you opt for a surface that deflects solar rays and prevents seepage of water and entry of air inside the room, prices can inflate by more than 50%.

Before choosing a door and window, do insist on a demonstration.

What you should know about Hurricane Garage Doors

Storms and hurricanes leave a devastating effect on life and property which cannot be reversed back. Like our other assets, cars and bikes are equally important and often very dear to some. We keep them safe in the garage but can a regular garage keep your car from being damaged by a hurricane. The answer is an obvious no as the regular garage doors are not strong enough to take the toll of a storm. To safeguard your personal vehicles, specially made hurricane garage doors are required. Hurricane or storm garage doors are built according to various building codes and tested for impact.

The hurricane in itself is very damaging but what makes it even more dangerous is the debris that flies with it. This debris can pierce through things and multiply the damage. Hurricane doors are also called impact doors as they are tested for impact in a testing lab and then rated. So, if you live in an area that is frequented by strong winds and hurricanes, you should replace your regular garage doors with impact rated ones. There are some key points and factors you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look:

Impact doorsNew or Reinforced?

Now there are two options in front of you. You can either go for a new set of garage doors or reinforce your existing door with a kit. Going in with the new set of garage door is expensive but will go a long way in securing your vehicles. However, if you don’t have the budget for the new door, manufacturers offer a reinforcement kit that can be installed on the door. It requires certain braces and posts to be fixed on the door to increase its impact resistance.

Impact Rating:

Impact rating is given to hurricane doors after they are tested against a predetermined speed inside a test lab. You should look at the ratings before buying a garage door to ensure that you pick up the right one according to the weather conditions in your area. The ratings are given on a scale of W1 to W8 where W denotes the wind and the numbers 1-8 denote the speeds with which the storms blow. You need to consult your local building codes and match the ratings of the garage doors accordingly. This is extremely critical to door selection.

Hurricane Proof Garage DoorsInstallation:

Generally, the dealer selling the hurricane doors will also install them. In case, they are not doing it then you should get in touch with a professional who can install the door properly. Proper installation is very important and can affect the effectiveness when a storm hits the area. Poor installation may lead to the door getting easily damaged or even the impact of the debris can reach the vehicles.


Hurricane impact doors are available in various styles, finishes and price points. You can get one that matches your existing exterior theme and fits your budget.

Hurricane Rated Garage DoorsHurricane garage doors are a must in rough weather areas and you should not skip this extremely important and effective addition to your house. Whatever be the style, make sure you get a standard and rated door professionally installed.


A Look at Benefits of Installing Storm Doors At Home

Storm doors and shutters have become an important part of modern day homes. Its popularity can be judged from the fact that most builders are offering residential projects fitted with state-of-the-art storm doors and shutters.  The reason is the numerous benefits it offers apart from protecting the valuable life from hurricane and storms.

What is a storm Door?

Well, as the name suggest, it is a strong door installed in front of the main door of the home to protect the life and belonging from harsh climatic conditions. A look at the benefits offered by storm doors:

Storm Doors1.  Added Level of Security:

These doors offer added security to your home. They come with their own unique lock mechanism that is difficult to break. Hence, provide excellent security from theft and burglary. Nowadays, storm doors are loaded with numerous features like metal bars, dual lock, break resistant glasses etc all these increases the security layer.

2.  Protects from Harsh Climatic Conditions:

We cannot have a control over weather but surely can take measures to safeguard life and property from the bad climatic condition. Hurricane and storms every year causes a lot of disaster in coastal areas, thus it is important to install storm doors to save life and wealth.

These doors are made from high-quality material and tested rigorously for strength. They are quite efficient in withstanding flying debris and high-velocity winds. The storm shutters, doors, and impact resistant windows make it to the store only when they pass the test and norms laid down by the county.

Impact Windows3.  Provide Good Ventilation & Reduces Noise Pollution:

These doors provide good ventilation. Also, stops heat loss, which eventually results in lower energy bills.  Another advantage is that it reduces sound pollution. It acts as a barrier and stops the outside noise from getting inside the home.

4.  Prevents Insects from Entering your Abode:

Insect bites can lead to severe health issues. The storm door acts as a barrier for flies, mosquito, and other unwanted insects. They stop them from entering your home. Generally, the storm doors are fitted with impact resistant glasses that don’t allow insects to get inside your place.

The storm doors are made from high tensile metal and impact resistant glasses. They don’t give way even under severe wind pressure. Their main objective is to protect the home from devastating wind. They also offer safety from theft and insects. Don’t forget to consider these points while buying storm shutters, single hung windows and storm doors for your property.

single hung windowsLook at features:

Strom doors are coming up with diversified features. Some offer you full outside view while others offer the partial view. You can opt for simple glasses or can go for a stylish decorative glass. Always select a door design that blends with your interior.

Check Material:

Storm doors made from aluminum, wood composite, and vinyl are popular in the market. Select one that is durable and easy on maintenance. The aluminum and vinyl door comes up as the best option. They have the longer life, hence provide value for money.



Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Impact Windows & Doors

Installing impact windows in Florida is a crazy trend. Despite the popularity and recent norm setting, house owners continue to face difficulty in extracting the best results from these relatively new protection solutions.
Here are 6 FAQs that buyers ask before making an investment for new homes and renovated units.

1.  How does an impact window assembly differ from a traditional glass window?

Impact windows and doors are characterized by their assembly and glass engineering. The shatter-proof glass is fastened to the highly durable and sturdy aluminum frame. The glazing of the shatter-proof glass involves annealed/tempered glass surface bonded to an intermediate layer of a reinforced fiber membraneImpact windows and doors The fiber membrane is the core element that gives the impact windows and doors it’s non-penetrative feature. When a projectile hits the surface, the shock is absorbed uniformly to the whole area and then recoiled back. The projectile literally bounces off like a ricocheted bullet without damaging the glass surface.

2.  How is the price of an impact window decided?

The thickness of the intermediate core membrane and the material used for glazing are key factors that decide the price of an impact glass used in single hung, sliding and double-hung windows. The typical material used to make impact windows is Polyvinyl Butryl (PVB).

Other material used in place of EVB is interlayer Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is mostly available as laminated series and windshields. PVB Impact windows are costlier but more effective compared to the other interlayer windows.

3.  Do Impact Windows really matter so much?

Yes, they do, especially if you live in a locality that is frequently wrecked by high-speed storms and hurricanes. Impact windows and doors are used in single hung, double hung and shutter styled erections.  The impact windows are a sizeable portfolio when it comes to best home solutions offered by top ranking builders and architects.

4.  Does it help in earning hurricane insurance?

Yes, and the answer is a resounding benefit for buyers who have lost their house to hurricanes. Impact windows can withstand the fury of the flying debris, trees, and stones. They also remain intact without shattering into pieces. The largest number of casualties reported during hurricane catastrophe are related to injuries due to glass splinters breaking way and piercing the bodies.

5.  Does it help in Property Insurance as well?

Hurricane insurance providers offer exciting discounts and credits to house owners who have installed high-end impact windows and doors. Even insurance providers on property damage and car damage offer similar discounts if the owner takes special care in installing hurricane resistant and Low impact shutter doors and impact windows.

6.  Where can I install the impact windows?

Impact windows can be installed anywhere you wish to like the basement, bathrooms, garage, terrace and even roofs. They don’t disturb the structural integrity of the house, instead, they only add to it. They come in a wide range of colors, tints, and textures making them easy to configure with the overall color and ambiance scheme of the house.