Time to act before natural disasters strike again

The recent hurricane Sandy has destroyed many lives as well as property on the East coast and people are still trying to reestablish themselves. The US government through the third estate is time and again telling people to take precautions so that precious lives can be protected. With so much of work being done to protect the lives and property one should also take proper precautions so that he can save the near and dear ones.

These disasters bring people very close and even aids are given to the needy. People who have insurance claims get money from these agencies also but the documentation should be proper. So one should keep the backup of all the policies and important documents that are needed to claim the money for the damage. With such sudden destructions one often tends to lose patience and peace of mind but hasty decisions can often lead to wrong decisions. A company which satisfies the conditions should be selected and this is something that should be decided much before. One should get the insurance of all important things done so that the loss can be overcome. In such situations, a lot of repairs need to be done as windows and sometimes roofs of the buildings often get destroyed. In some cases, entire buildings collapse. It is also observed that those house that have hurricane shutters on the windows and doors were less damaged by the storm than building which were totally exposed to the bad weather.

It is a good idea to get the houses repaired beforehand only so that no damage can happen to the structure. Good repair contractors should be contacted; the rates of contractors should be compared so that one gets the fair idea and can get the repair work done. The structures should be shown to engineers and other official and then repair work should be done. Government has also laid certain guidelines which should be taken care of if the renovation or repair work is being done. An important practice is to get everything in black and white. All the records like contract, prices and other important things should be in written so that they can be produced as and when required. The documentation of each and everything is essential as law requires proof of everything. Disaster management is an art which should be done by all so that there is not much loss.

There are storm resistant windows and hurricane shutters are available in the market and one should try to use them in the place of ordinary shutters so that the house gets more protection. These days storm resistant structures are being erected and these save life to an extent. The disasters are very strong and powerful still human beings with the advanced technology and foresightedness can save their lives and property. Disaster management programs are being run and one should learn them so that the strategies can be used as and when required. There are many insurance agencies that give full claim over the assets and one along with this house should also get the office and its important things insured. There should be backup plans so that the work can be continued even if the system gets disrupted because business is also important.