A look at Top Finishes for Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Doors and windows are the quintessential elements of every house. However, things have changed drastically regarding their designs and applications in the last few decades. One of the major developments has been in the area of hurricane resistance. Today, you will find more hurricane resistant entry doors and impact windows than ever before. Finding a hurricane resistant entry doors seller is a very challenging mission, especially if you live in an area not known to be prone to hurricanes. In most hurricane-prone areas, it is mandatory to install impact resistant single hung windows and doors.

If you are looking for impact resistant doors and windows for your house, here are top finishes that contemporary manufacturers offer.

Single Hung Windows

Fiberglass Doors:

Hurricane resistant entry doors made of fiberglass are gaining massive popularity among beachside house owners. They are usually made of solid or frosted glass with reinforced fiber sheets to protect the internal layers from getting damaged during storms. The strength of the door lies in its frame. It is therefore made of high-quality anti-corrosion mix of metal and plastic polymer. It is light and durable and can be easily operated by the user.

Wooden doors:

Wooden doors remain the top choice of house owners who don’t want to miss out on the luxury of the grainy finish they offer. Due to recent regulations in building codes, wooden doors have to be made of special quality to ensure that they don’t rip apart when the projectiles tike them. Therefore, they are coated with special bonded polymer to negotiate against debris flying at more than 100 miles per hour.


Vinyl is a very durable door and window material. Due to excellent thermal insulation and little maintenance, the hurricane resistant entry doors made of vinyl are considered the go-to option for low budget homes. They also offer excellent rigidity against any attempt to break in. With multiple colors lining up the showroom, the hurricane resistant entry doors are selling more than their glass, aluminum and wooden counterparts.

Other materials:

This section is dedicated exclusively to the ‘slabs’. They are basically hurricane resistant entry doors and windows without any frames. They can be made of aluminum, wood, steel or vinyl. Fiberglass doors are also part of slabs section.

Due to their hollow cross-section and molded surface, these hurricane resistant entry doors are also ideal for set up inside the inner rooms. Features you should look for in a hurricane resistant entry doors

  • High-quality anti-corrosion frame
  • Projectile resistant
  • Sliding and single hung flexibility
  • Tinted and multi-color surface
  • Noise-proof construction
  • High energy efficiency with 100% insulation option
  • Deco glass options with metal rims for aesthetic purpose

Price-wise, hurricane resistant entry doors may come in different categories. It largely depends on the features you are opting for. For example, if you opt for a surface that deflects solar rays and prevents seepage of water and entry of air inside the room, prices can inflate by more than 50%.

Before choosing a door and window, do insist on a demonstration.


Save Money with Energy efficient Single Hung windows

The Solar Energy Power Panels is the perfect solution for the future. They generate electricity from sunlights and saving your residential electric bill expenses.

Home solar power systems perfectly match with the new generation life, It’s an easy way to generate home energy from solar panels hassle free and there is not need any material and product for making it. It’s simply making home energy from sunlights easily.

Every material, living or dead loses heat in some way or the other.  Same is true with the windows and doors of your house.  However, the amount of heat loss can be controlled and completely curbed by installing specially engineered Low-E single hung windows.  While it keeps your house warm and cozy, getting an extra protection in the form of high-impact windows in the single hung frame is a winner at hand.

single hung windows Here is a quick review on how much you can actually save on your energy bills by fixing the energy efficient single hung windows.

Stick to Energy Rating Index (ERI):

Florida has become the latest state in the USA to embrace the Energy Rating Index energy code performance in April 2016. For now, the state can’t breach the ERI of 58.  This is where the local bodies and builders are emphasizing on the importance of putting up energy efficient single hung windows in new houses.  Due to the frequent hurricane events, the homeowners are searching for impact windows that come with energy efficient features.

Sticking to the single glazed or double glazed windows and shutters play a crucial role in managing the ERI under limits.

Low carbon footprint:

Another major advantage of using Low-E energy efficient windows and doors in homes and offices is its low carbon footprint.  The factor benefits both the neighborhood as well as the environment as a whole. Effective carbon footprint management is a key aspect of running a business today. Installing energy efficient single hung windows demonstrate the easiest route to curb carbon footprints, directly and indirectly.

Comfort at its best:

With superior window glazing and framework finishes, the single hung windows offer a totally diversified perspective to the outside world.  A symbol of luxury living, the energy efficient gathers no trace of pollution or age-related issues like cracks, rusting and peeling of paints. The sparkling metallic finish is resistant to the fingerprints and oil marks too.

Unadulterated privacy without curtains:

Privacy is a major concern in modern cities.  Security and privacy are synonymous today, considering the frequency of break-ins. Low emission energy efficient single hung impact windows reduce the visibility from the outside to nearly 90%.  Even when your house is lit from the inside, it remains unbelievably dark from the outside.  This alone proves how private your living is.

single-hung-windows-miami-dadeNo gaps in the windows, no gaps in services:

There is less than 0.0001 percent chance of failure of a single hung glass window from this category.  Even if there is an occurrence of a fault, the specialists replace the window the very day you complain at no additional cost.  How to identify the best installed single hung window? Look for gaps—gaps between the glasses, the frame, and the glass, and the pane spacers.

If it mists during the morning, your window needs a replacement.  Best single hung windows are 100% gap proof and gather no mist on the inside.

These windows forge a great compatibility pairing with PVC, aluminum, and wooden frames. Depending on the budget, choose a complete single hung window solution for best energy efficient living in a 21st-century house.


Top 5 Pointers to know before Investing in Single Hung Window

Since windows are crucial parts of your home, it is important to make sure that you install the right style of window. One of the most common and classic types of windows available in the market today is single hung window. You might have come across the option of double hung windows where both the top and bottom sashes can be closed and opened. In a single hung style, only a single sash can be opened and closed. The upper sash is stationary while the bottom sash can be raised or lowered for maximizing the flow of air.

double pane single hung windowsHere are some of the important things to know about the window before making your move-

1.  The costs:

A single one is generally less expensive than the double one because the amount of hardware required is less in this case. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $250 for these types of windows.  Sometimes, the cost might even go up based on the design and style you wish to consider.

Single hung windows2.  The durability:

Based on the material used for these windows, the durability can vary largely. If you go for a wooden frame, it will add to the warmth and aesthetic appeal of your home, but it is not that durable. On the other hand, fiberglass is designed to imitate wood, but is durable. Even the amount of maintenance required is minimal. Vinyl is also a good option because it not only requires less maintenance, but also offers good maintenance.

3.  Energy efficiency:

A double pane single hung window is slightly more energy efficient than the double hung windows. The window can leak less heat because only one sash can be operated. Thus, your home will lose less heat. Make sure that you give attention to the type of glass used because it will determine the overall energy efficiency of your home. This will also determine the level of ventilation inside your home.

Single hung windows4.  Repairs and maintenance:

Make sure that you clean your window thoroughly in the course of a year. This will make your window in perfect working conditions round the year. At times, it might be difficult for you to clean this window because only a single sash can be opened. At the same time, you should make it a point to clean these windows from the outside so that the window is fully maintained. This might often pose a problem, if your window is on the upper levels. Make sure that you follow the instructions of manufacturers while cleaning them.

5.  The Best Solution:

In any case, you can be certain that the single hung window can often turn out to be a simple and the best solution for your home. When you are successful in choosing the perfect style, it will add to the functionality along with improving the overall appearance of your home. These windows are even an inexpensive option, as mentioned and they can largely boost the insulation of your home. Hence, you can definitely go for it.