Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Impact Windows & Doors

Installing impact windows in Florida is a crazy trend. Despite the popularity and recent norm setting, house owners continue to face difficulty in extracting the best results from these relatively new protection solutions.
Here are 6 FAQs that buyers ask before making an investment for new homes and renovated units.

1.  How does an impact window assembly differ from a traditional glass window?

Impact windows and doors are characterized by their assembly and glass engineering. The shatter-proof glass is fastened to the highly durable and sturdy aluminum frame. The glazing of the shatter-proof glass involves annealed/tempered glass surface bonded to an intermediate layer of a reinforced fiber membraneImpact windows and doors The fiber membrane is the core element that gives the impact windows and doors it’s non-penetrative feature. When a projectile hits the surface, the shock is absorbed uniformly to the whole area and then recoiled back. The projectile literally bounces off like a ricocheted bullet without damaging the glass surface.

2.  How is the price of an impact window decided?

The thickness of the intermediate core membrane and the material used for glazing are key factors that decide the price of an impact glass used in single hung, sliding and double-hung windows. The typical material used to make impact windows is Polyvinyl Butryl (PVB).

Other material used in place of EVB is interlayer Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is mostly available as laminated series and windshields. PVB Impact windows are costlier but more effective compared to the other interlayer windows.

3.  Do Impact Windows really matter so much?

Yes, they do, especially if you live in a locality that is frequently wrecked by high-speed storms and hurricanes. Impact windows and doors are used in single hung, double hung and shutter styled erections.  The impact windows are a sizeable portfolio when it comes to best home solutions offered by top ranking builders and architects.

4.  Does it help in earning hurricane insurance?

Yes, and the answer is a resounding benefit for buyers who have lost their house to hurricanes. Impact windows can withstand the fury of the flying debris, trees, and stones. They also remain intact without shattering into pieces. The largest number of casualties reported during hurricane catastrophe are related to injuries due to glass splinters breaking way and piercing the bodies.

5.  Does it help in Property Insurance as well?

Hurricane insurance providers offer exciting discounts and credits to house owners who have installed high-end impact windows and doors. Even insurance providers on property damage and car damage offer similar discounts if the owner takes special care in installing hurricane resistant and Low impact shutter doors and impact windows.

6.  Where can I install the impact windows?

Impact windows can be installed anywhere you wish to like the basement, bathrooms, garage, terrace and even roofs. They don’t disturb the structural integrity of the house, instead, they only add to it. They come in a wide range of colors, tints, and textures making them easy to configure with the overall color and ambiance scheme of the house.



Top 9 Smart Tips for Selecting Best Impact Windows for Home & Business

Impact resistant doors and windows are must for people living in coastal areas.  Good windows and doors installed in home and business means that you can have a good sleep without being worried about the hurricane season. It is good to get these installed before the hurricane season approaches. Here we are going to reveal top 9 smart tips for selecting best impact windows and doors for your home and business.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors1.  Think from Long term prospective:

Impact windows are expensive, thus it is very important that you should carefully select a window. Go for a quality windows that gives ultimate protection to home and don’t need replacement for a long time.

2.  Custom Windows:

Always make it a point to measure the size of your windows and doors. If you simply opt for standard windows size then it is quite possible that it doesn’t property fit to your existing window space. Most of the storm shutter and impact resistant window companies provide customized windows and shutters. The custom impact windows easily fit in the space. The tight fit significantly decreases the chances of air and water leak. It is also quite efficient in saving heat loss. The installation of custom door and impact windows is easy and quick. They also improve the aesthetic of the interior.

Impact Windows3.  Durable:

Select impact windows that are sturdy, durable and manufactured using the latest technology. A window made from premium quality material will give complete protection from storm. It will be energy efficient and low on maintenance.

4.  Look for features:

Make sure that the window you are finalizing apart from storm protection offers you UV protection and low energy consumptions. It should also result in sound reduction. Most, importantly it should be easy to operate.

Impact Resistant Windows5.  Choose a Stylish Windows:

Nowadays companies are coming up with impact resistant windows in a variety of designs, so you can easily select window that matches with the décor of your home. A beautiful window will lease a new life to your home. It will increase its value.

6.  Inquire about U-Factor:

Before going ahead with the purchase enquire about the U-factor of the doors and windows you are planning to buy for your home. The U-factor tells about the heat flow of the windows. Minimum U-factor means the windows is going to be more energy efficient. It is advisable to go for such windows.

7.  Inquire about R-Value:

It represents the insulating value of the material. Always choose a window and door with higher insulating value.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows8.  Give Priority to Customer Service:

Nowadays, customer service has become one of the most important parameter for selecting product and service. The same goes for when selecting the brand/manufacturer for impact windows. Don’t forget to check for customer reviews in various forms.

9.  Find About Warranty:

Cleary read the warranty offered by the window manufacturer. Understand the terms and conditions and it will save you from any dispute later on.


Impact Windows: Symbol of Safe, Smart and Luxurious Living

If you are searching for an alternative option against shutters and storm panels for your windows and doors, Impact windows should be your first choice. Available in aluminium, vinyl and stainless steel frame, impact windows are installed exclusively on the outer walls to protect your house not just against hurricane and storms, but also against robbers and mobsters.

Here are some top features of an impact window that make them a good choice against all traditional varieties.

1.  One piece engineering:

Unlike traditional windows that get shattered with one blow, impact windows can last many blows and still retain their surface. Built to last devastating effects of rain, hail, snowfall, storm fliers and many more particles that can shatter your regular glass window, Impact  resistant windows are created using one-piece engineering.

Impact windows are engineered using PVB inter-layers that are sealed between two layers of reinforced glass. Even when the outer glass shatters due to projectile hit, the inner layers remain clung to the middle frame, ensuring 14 hour protection against winds and rocks.

2.  Hugely energy efficient:

Customers who installed impact windows at their home witnessed a significant drop in their utility bills. Use of impact windows proves to be a hugely energy saving option. Built with double glazed glass panels fixed to strong aluminium and vinyl frames, the glazing gives the windows the tag of ‘super efficient’.

Impact Resistant Window3.  Architectural intensity at its best:

Are you planning to install a panoramic window on your roof or a terraced window on your penthouse? Impact windows not only fit the requirement but also prove to be cheaper than conventional bay window designs. With their insulating capabilities, you can enjoy the sunlight without compromising the efficiency of HVAC unit. Thanks to the Impact windows!

Give your home design a more sophisticated appeal with these windows.

4.  Enjoy sunlight minus the UV radiation:

Not all windows can guarantee protection against the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. UV rays cause skin cancer and impact windows block these radiations too from entering your room.

Known to offer almost 99% protection against UV light, you and your assets like Persian rugs, leather upholstered furniture and photographs will last longer than ever.

Enjoy direct sunlight without getting tanned or being inflicted with the consequences of being exposed to too much UV radiations.

5.  Absolutely No Noise:

You no longer need to construct a wall to muffle that disturbing sound from the road and neighbourhood. Install the impact windows and experience a silent zone right inside your house.

Impact Windows

Single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed glasses with multiple reinforcement layers give a 100% sound-proof space.

Who should install Impact windows?

Norms says that home owners living in coastal areas and on hills prefer installing impact windows than those living in plains. Since impact windows not only give protection against hurricane but also against burglary attempts, it is sensible to get impact windows fixed in all modern day homes.

They are easy to install and last longer than most conventional windows. Moreover, at an affordable budget initially, you can enjoy the benefits for a very long time, without worrying about replacing them in near future anytime sooner.

Why Shield Your House with Impact Windows This Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are inevitable in certain regions. If you live in a hurricane prone region, then take essential steps to shield your house from the prospective damage that a hurricane can cause. Windows of your house play an important role in protecting your house. They can seal the entire structure. A broken window can be an open invitation to strong stormy winds to cause damage to your property. Impact windows are specially designed to weather the storms of hurricane. In short, it has been tested to resist hurricanes.

impact window

If windows and doors of your abode are closed, then the atmospheric pressure inside your home will remain the same at the time of storm. The pressure of the storm outside your home might fluctuate depending on the strength of the storm. The difference in pressure is the impact of the storm. If the winds are very strong, they may force flying debris to cut through your window and damage your building structure. This may cause havoc on your property. It is vital to take precautionary steps to protect your property. In order to shield your house from the effects of hurricane, special types of windows are designed with laminated hurricane resistant glass. These windows have the capacity to withstand flying debris.

These types of windows are not only useful in hurricanes but are also useful for several other purposes. They can also bring down noise if you are living in a busy area. They can also offer safety from break-ins as they are durable. No burglar will be able to just break your window or cut its glass.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows perfectly blend heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant glass. They have the capacity to withstand winds with speed of up to 120-miles per hour. Usually these windows are made using a layer of vinyl, which is laminated amid two pieces of glass. This serves as a windshield. This sturdy protection is highly essential to avoid the probable damage that hurricane winds can cause to your property.

Protecting your house is not only purpose served by the impact windows. They also help in bringing down your utility bills as they are energy efficient and possess insulating capabilities. Hurricane windows which are identified by insurance companies can be less costly for you. This is because if your house has all such windows then you can avail of premium discounts, bringing down the installation cost of the windows. All in all, these windows not only protect your property but also help you enhance your savings.

The protection these windows provide from ultra violet or UV rays can definitely help you keep your interiors away from sun damage. They serve as sunscreen for the objects, in your home, exposed to sun rays. Viewing the benefits of these windows, it can be said that there should be no wait in getting your house shielded by these special windows.

Remember hurricanes are uncertain, but you need to be certain about your home protection today!

Time to act before natural disasters strike again

The recent hurricane Sandy has destroyed many lives as well as property on the East coast and people are still trying to reestablish themselves. The US government through the third estate is time and again telling people to take precautions so that precious lives can be protected. With so much of work being done to protect the lives and property one should also take proper precautions so that he can save the near and dear ones.

These disasters bring people very close and even aids are given to the needy. People who have insurance claims get money from these agencies also but the documentation should be proper. So one should keep the backup of all the policies and important documents that are needed to claim the money for the damage. With such sudden destructions one often tends to lose patience and peace of mind but hasty decisions can often lead to wrong decisions. A company which satisfies the conditions should be selected and this is something that should be decided much before. One should get the insurance of all important things done so that the loss can be overcome. In such situations, a lot of repairs need to be done as windows and sometimes roofs of the buildings often get destroyed. In some cases, entire buildings collapse. It is also observed that those house that have hurricane shutters on the windows and doors were less damaged by the storm than building which were totally exposed to the bad weather.

It is a good idea to get the houses repaired beforehand only so that no damage can happen to the structure. Good repair contractors should be contacted; the rates of contractors should be compared so that one gets the fair idea and can get the repair work done. The structures should be shown to engineers and other official and then repair work should be done. Government has also laid certain guidelines which should be taken care of if the renovation or repair work is being done. An important practice is to get everything in black and white. All the records like contract, prices and other important things should be in written so that they can be produced as and when required. The documentation of each and everything is essential as law requires proof of everything. Disaster management is an art which should be done by all so that there is not much loss.

There are storm resistant windows and hurricane shutters are available in the market and one should try to use them in the place of ordinary shutters so that the house gets more protection. These days storm resistant structures are being erected and these save life to an extent. The disasters are very strong and powerful still human beings with the advanced technology and foresightedness can save their lives and property. Disaster management programs are being run and one should learn them so that the strategies can be used as and when required. There are many insurance agencies that give full claim over the assets and one along with this house should also get the office and its important things insured. There should be backup plans so that the work can be continued even if the system gets disrupted because business is also important.