How to select and install a Storm Door?

Protecting your house from bad weather is important if you want to enjoy a longer stay without spending on extensive repairs. Storm doors are one such item which not only protects the exterior door of your house from the rough weather but also provides ventilation.  Storm doors are easy to install and available as ready to assemble kits.

You can select the storm doors in various colour combinations, finishes, styles, and materials. They even come with removable panels and screens to cater to different seasons.

Storm DoorLet us take a look at the main aspects of the storm door.


Storm doors have a layered structure comprising of three layers: two outer metallic layers and an inner sandwiched layer of foam insulation. They are hinged at three places along the top and bottom with latches and hooks. For added security, toughened glass, grilles and locking systems are also an option.


There are two standard sizes available these days 36 and 32 inches for the entry and back doors respectively.


You need to take precise measurements before you go out to buy a storm door to ensure a proper fit. Hence, measure the height, width and thickness of the exterior door, frame and the moulding. Storm shutters/doors are provided as ready to install kits including all the hardware required for the task. Most of them are supplied in a pre-hung configuration, i.e. the door and the frame are attached.

Storm DoorThe level of customization:

Like normal doors, storm doors also give you the opportunity for customizing them according to your preference. Let’s take a look at all the customization options.


Standard colours include white and almond or light beige. However, other shades like black, brown, green and taupe etc are also available.


From plain matte finish to highly glossy finishes are available apart from textured surfaces. Handles sets can also be in different finishes like satin, brushed nickel, bronze or brass.


There are three styles available in the frame namely full view, mid view and high view essentially indicating the kind of view offered when looked on. There are options of having the frame glass in several styles like clear, stained or beveled.

Door Closers:

Storm doors also come with door closer that are attached to the top of the door and the frame. Door closers control the extent and the way the door opens. Today all door closers are of the pneumatic type which consists of a small reservoir holding the fluid which facilitates gentle opening and closing of the door. An additional accessory is a sliding washer that helps in keeping the door in an open position to carry items to and from the house.


Screens are available in various materials like galvanized steel, aluminum, bronze or fiberglass. Galvanized steel is the affordable and very durable but coating can peel off after some time. Aluminum screens are highly corrosion resistant but somewhat weaker. Bronze is the most durable and the most expensive one. Fiberglass screens are completely corrosion resistant and lightweight as well.