Top FAQs related to Impact Resistant Front Doors

Architects have a hard time walking the thin line between aesthetics and durability. The challenge doubles up when the house is located in a hurricane proof area. The challenge is selecting the impact front doors. In recent times, the impact front doors and windows have become the most vital element of structural stability in beachside localities. However, most house owners are riddled in confusion due to the lack of understanding about the front hurricane resistant doors.

Here are 5 common things that house owners and architects actually ask the manufacturers and dealers before buying the hurricane resistant impact doors, single hung windows, and other coverings as part of storm-proofing.

1.  Who approves the hurricane impact front doors?

The doors are certified by industry experts and government regulators before they are ready to sell in the market. Valid documentation has to be produced to earn the certification. Each state in the USA may have its own set of certification procedure. Top impact resistant front doors manufacturers have to seek certification from National Accreditation and Management Institute, Inc. or NAMI, as it is popularly called. NAMI certification is given after thorough inspection and quality assurance protocols are followed.

Impact Resistant Front DoorsBefore dealing in a hurricane resistant entry doors, check out if the manufacturer is certified by NAMI.

2.  How much force can the door sustain?

Hurricane resistant doors are rated depending on the pressure they can sustain per inch of their surface. Only complete and fully assembled doors are actually rated for pressure checks. In order to sustain the storm forces and debris impact, the doors have to be tested in a stimulated condition where they are subjected to winds and projectiles at 160 miles per hour. Doors are subjected to wooden studs flying at 50 feet per second and then subjected to a uniform pressure of 70psf.

3.  Do doors actually withstand that kind of pressure?

Yes, they do. However, the stability of hurricane resistant entry doors also depends on the quality of installation and the framing structure. The choice of materials also plays a significant part in deciding if the hurricane resistant doors can actually survive the onslaught of the storm. The top choices for storm-proofing homes in beach localities across the US are vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass.

4.  Are doors rated for energy insulation, smoke proof, and draft control as well?

Yes, they are. It is mandatory for the hurricane resistant entry doors to undergo fire testing as well. The fire safety ratings ensure that the smoke and draft don’t leak into other rooms when there is a case of fire. In another case, if there is a fire outside, the hurricane impact front doors and windows can also protect the indoor space from smoke and draft. They are 100% air and water tight.

single hung windows5.  Can I earn Federal Tax credit from US government?

It is possible to earn federal tax credit from the US government only when the house owners install certified door and windows in their property. The assembled doors should meet the building structure codes laid by the local governing bodies.

Before installing impact front doors and single hung windows, consult your architect.


Why to go for Impact Front Doors?

As you are looking forward to changing the door of your house, you will come across plenty of options. However, like any other homeowner, you should also carefully consider your options and requirements before finalizing your decision on a particular door. For instance, you should consider the area you live in when selecting the door. Some areas even have particular building codes and standards in choosing doors. You should also consider the level of protection and security required in your area in choosing your front door. The combination of these things will help you get the best option.

The Most Suitable Option:

If you live in a hurricane prone area or if your area is disturbed by security threats, going for impact front doors is an ideal option. While the concept of impact doors and windows are getting popular in the recent times, many are not aware of the concept even till date. If you belong to the same group, it is crucial for you to understand the basics of these doors and the benefits of the same. Accordingly, it will be easy for you to select a front door and install it in your home for complete protection.

Impact Front DoorStrong and durable:

One of the major characteristics of Impact Front Doors is that they are built to be strong and durable. They are mostly made of metals like steel or aluminum and they come with double layers of protection. They have the ability to resist strong impact of winds or debris blown by the wind. Once installed, you will not have to think of another investment for a long time to come.

Increasing protection:

You never know when a storm hits your area. However, when you have the impact front doors installed, you and your family members can stay safe from the extremes of weather. Apart from that they can even offer protection from the intruders because these doors are not easy to break. Hence, your home will be safe even when you are not inside.

impact windowFree from maintenance:

One of the major reasons for which most homeowners invest in impact windows and front doors is the maintenance free feature. Both aluminum and steel are resistant to corrosion even when they are exposed to the harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, most of these doors come with instructions from manufacturers. You will just have to follow these instructions in order to make sure that you continue getting benefits from the door for a long time to come.

Impact windowsProfessional Installation Necessary:

Never do the installation of impact windows and doors yourself. Although, it may look easy but certainly needs to be done by professionals. The installation is the key to the success of a product. Avail services of professional to do the installation of impact doors and windows.

Also, make it a point to buy them from reputed hurricane windows and doors sellers. Nowadays almost all the companies dealing in storm shutters, hurricane resistant entry doors and related products have online presence.

Adding Hurricane Resistant Entry Door Enhances Efficiency & Protection

Many people fail to realize that the exterior of the home can often contribute to air leakage resulting in the wastage of huge energy. This is especially the case when the doors are old and the building is uninsulated. Improper installation or air seals can also result in the wastage of lots of energy in the process. If you are building a new home or if you are considering a renovation, you should always try to invest on the most energy-efficient doors and windows possible. Consider the energy performance ratings in your home so that the selection process is easy and effective for you.

Adding A Storm Door:

It is an excellent idea to add a storm door to your home because it will turn out to be a valuable investment for you, as a whole. In fact, if your existing door is old, but still in a good condition, you can go for Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors. In addition to that, it is also a good idea to go for this piece of investment if the area you live is prone to storms like hurricanes and tornadoes. In this context, it will serve both the purposes of energy efficiency as well as protecting your building against the heavy storms.

Hurricane Resistant Entry Door

High Quality Doors And Frames:

There is no denying that adding a storm door and impact windows to your home is a matter of great investment. However, you should always try to invest on the highest quality option so that it serves a purpose for a long time to come. As a result, you will not have to invest on it in the near future. Hence, it is wise to go for quality door frames that can be made of anything ranging from steel, aluminum, fiberglass and painted wood. Metal door frames often come with foam insulation inside the frames while wooden doors will require more maintenance.

Talk To The Builder:

Regardless the nature of Hurricane Resistant Entry Door you install, it is crucial to talk to the builder in this context. The builder will be well aware of the latest building code of your building. On the basis of that, he can give you advices and suggestions regarding the right option. In addition to that, he will inform you what is right for you and what you should not do. The combination of these things will bring some valuable benefits to you, and you will be highly satisfied.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors

Refrain From Adding A Glass Door:

It is a wise idea to refraining adding a glass doors, especially if you know that the exterior door gets few hours of heat. In the course of time, the glass will trap heat against the entry door, and can cause damage to it. However, you can use low emitting glass or glazing. This can promote maximum energy efficiency in your home, and you can reap loads of benefits from it. Therefore, it is time for you to decide the kind of door you want to add in your home.