Why Investing In Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors & Impact Windows Makes Sense?

Seaside house owners may have a wonderful view of the beach and the natural landscape. However, things get little awry when the hurricane alerts arrive. One of the toughest things to deal with in a hurricane-prone area is your house safety. Is your house strong enough to withstand the high impact projectiles and debris flying in with the storm? Architects recommend fitting hurricane resistant entry doors and high impact windows as the storm-proofing procedure for every house.

Here are 5 reasons why investing in hurricane resistant entry doors and impact windows makes sense.

1.  Permanent Hurricane Protection:

When the storm blows at over 100 miles per hour, chances of your regular doors and windows staying affixed are very small. In fact, they are the first things to get ripped apart. With no doors and windows to protect the family members and the property against the deadly gust of wind and accompanying debris, there is no way you can consider your house a safe haven anymore.

Installing hurricane resistant doors and impact windows provide permanent protection against the damage that flying debris and projectiles do when the hurricanes strike. According to the top architects in the US, hurricane resistant entry doors can withstand the onslaught of severe storms.

2.  Easy to install:

Hurricane resistant entry doors can be installed in less than three hours. Top door installation specialists fix doors and windows at different locations of the house—patio, garage, basement, terrace and main entry. Mid-house and top floors can also be installed with indoor hurricane impact doors.

hurricane resistant entry doors 3.  100% Breach-Proof:

If these doors can withstand the hurricane, chances of being breached by saws and burglar tools are also negligible. Yes, hurricane resistant entry doors offer 100% protection against break-ins and robbery attempts. Made of high-quality wood and tempered glass with reinforced metal fibers inside, these doors are hard to breach. They can be fitted with world-class mechanical and electronic locks as well.

Sliding doors can be fixed with high-grade aluminum frames with doorjamb. Speaking of security, hurricane resistant entry doors not only look pretty from the outside, they also offer invincible protection while you are sleeping inside or out of the house.

4.  Energy efficient:

Doors that can save you tons of energy cost?


Oh yes! Installing hurricane resistant entry doors contribute significantly to the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems installed inside. The storm-proof doors and impact windows offer a leak-proof ambience. Air, water, and dust—these doors and windows can keep everything from entering your space.

impact windows

After all, that’s what they are built for.

5.  Noise proof:

Complaining of that jackhammer disturbing your matinee plan? Well, installing hurricane resistant entry doors can keep even the harshest of the noise away. You may not even hear a Boeing flying past your house. The doors offer superior insulation against the outside noise, and it is an absolute luxury to live inside a house that is free from noise, dust and storm debris.

From design and appearance point of view, most hurricane impact door manufacturers don’t compromise on the home design requirements.


What you should know about Hurricane Garage Doors

Storms and hurricanes leave a devastating effect on life and property which cannot be reversed back. Like our other assets, cars and bikes are equally important and often very dear to some. We keep them safe in the garage but can a regular garage keep your car from being damaged by a hurricane. The answer is an obvious no as the regular garage doors are not strong enough to take the toll of a storm. To safeguard your personal vehicles, specially made hurricane garage doors are required. Hurricane or storm garage doors are built according to various building codes and tested for impact.

The hurricane in itself is very damaging but what makes it even more dangerous is the debris that flies with it. This debris can pierce through things and multiply the damage. Hurricane doors are also called impact doors as they are tested for impact in a testing lab and then rated. So, if you live in an area that is frequented by strong winds and hurricanes, you should replace your regular garage doors with impact rated ones. There are some key points and factors you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look:

Impact doorsNew or Reinforced?

Now there are two options in front of you. You can either go for a new set of garage doors or reinforce your existing door with a kit. Going in with the new set of garage door is expensive but will go a long way in securing your vehicles. However, if you don’t have the budget for the new door, manufacturers offer a reinforcement kit that can be installed on the door. It requires certain braces and posts to be fixed on the door to increase its impact resistance.

Impact Rating:

Impact rating is given to hurricane doors after they are tested against a predetermined speed inside a test lab. You should look at the ratings before buying a garage door to ensure that you pick up the right one according to the weather conditions in your area. The ratings are given on a scale of W1 to W8 where W denotes the wind and the numbers 1-8 denote the speeds with which the storms blow. You need to consult your local building codes and match the ratings of the garage doors accordingly. This is extremely critical to door selection.

Hurricane Proof Garage DoorsInstallation:

Generally, the dealer selling the hurricane doors will also install them. In case, they are not doing it then you should get in touch with a professional who can install the door properly. Proper installation is very important and can affect the effectiveness when a storm hits the area. Poor installation may lead to the door getting easily damaged or even the impact of the debris can reach the vehicles.


Hurricane impact doors are available in various styles, finishes and price points. You can get one that matches your existing exterior theme and fits your budget.

Hurricane Rated Garage DoorsHurricane garage doors are a must in rough weather areas and you should not skip this extremely important and effective addition to your house. Whatever be the style, make sure you get a standard and rated door professionally installed.


Modern Interior Applications and Features of the Sliding doors

Sliding doors are popular in composite apartments and studio units where there is a huge restraint for space. The sliding doors are looked upon as the possible trend setters as far as interior designing is concerned. These game changers are now responsible for the transformation even the traditional residential units into fascinating home designs.

Sliding Glass Doors

Doors with sliding application are used in home designs planned by the contemporary architects who like using minimal installations. The sliding doors have easy and flexible installation and come with amazing maintenance routine. Since the door installation companies are making a huge profit from the sales of the sliding doors, they are not hesitant in giving supremely attractive discounts and after-sales services. Sliding doors are not only creating new business avenues for the end-product retailers but also for the glass and aluminium panel manufacturers.

Wooden textures, metallic frame work, frosted glass panels and plain blinders are all part of the astonishing assortment features available with the Sliding Door manufacturers and installers. Made from light weight and durable aluminium frames, the sliding doors are fixed with frosted glass material. The frosted glass materials could be either impact resistant glass doors or simple bathroom doors. The impact resistant Sliding glass doors are used in areas exposed to the outside world. Terrace area, garden alley, front entrance and reception areas are ideal places where sliding doors fixed with impact resistant glass doors are fixed.

Sliding Glass Doors

In living areas, the antique cabinets, old electrical connection and plumbing works can be smartly camouflaged behind a network of sliding doors. Some modern day architects prefer to use wooden and cardboard structures designed in the form of sliding doors to add extra space in the living area. Sometimes, the designs can be switched from a living area into a dining space by shifting the sliding doors conveniently across the open space.

Bedrooms are ideal places to place clothes. Wardrobes of modern day household are using Sliding Doors exclusively to keep their fabric safe from dirt, dust and bugs. Sliding doors made of lass are preferred as they are long-lasting and hardly require any maintenance. Just a wipe every week does the job. The wardrobe fixed with Sliding Doors can be used by members of all age-group. A special lighting system with a series of drawers can also be included to maximize the utility of the space. Moreover, they look chic and refined, especially when you have hardly any space to dabble with creativity.

Sliding Glass Doors

Bathrooms are the art galleries of the modern homes. Sliding doors are blended in beautifully with the exotic walls and tiles. The frosted glass-finish with polished brass frames are statement of classic sophistication. If you love to keep romance confined to smart places, sliding doors are ideal choice. You no longer have to worry about latching or locking the doors from within. Safe for kids and elderly who often complain how they find it hard to unlatch a damp door, sliding doors are all about pull and slide. The channels are free from corrosion and hardly interfere with your routines.