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Property Solutions offers effective and affordable storm protection for your home and business. Our storm shutters and hurricane proof window products guarantee the end user a high level of storm protection during hurricane strong winds.

Save Money with Energy efficient Single Hung windows

The Solar Energy Power Panels is the perfect solution for the future. They generate electricity from sunlights and saving your residential electric bill expenses.

Home solar power systems perfectly match with the new generation life, It’s an easy way to generate home energy from solar panels hassle free and there is not need any material and product for making it. It’s simply making home energy from sunlights easily.

Every material, living or dead loses heat in some way or the other.  Same is true with the windows and doors of your house.  However, the amount of heat loss can be controlled and completely curbed by installing specially engineered Low-E single hung windows.  While it keeps your house warm and cozy, getting an extra protection in the form of high-impact windows in the single hung frame is a winner at hand.

single hung windows Here is a quick review on how much you can actually save on your energy bills by fixing the energy efficient single hung windows.

Stick to Energy Rating Index (ERI):

Florida has become the latest state in the USA to embrace the Energy Rating Index energy code performance in April 2016. For now, the state can’t breach the ERI of 58.  This is where the local bodies and builders are emphasizing on the importance of putting up energy efficient single hung windows in new houses.  Due to the frequent hurricane events, the homeowners are searching for impact windows that come with energy efficient features.

Sticking to the single glazed or double glazed windows and shutters play a crucial role in managing the ERI under limits.

Low carbon footprint:

Another major advantage of using Low-E energy efficient windows and doors in homes and offices is its low carbon footprint.  The factor benefits both the neighborhood as well as the environment as a whole. Effective carbon footprint management is a key aspect of running a business today. Installing energy efficient single hung windows demonstrate the easiest route to curb carbon footprints, directly and indirectly.

Comfort at its best:

With superior window glazing and framework finishes, the single hung windows offer a totally diversified perspective to the outside world.  A symbol of luxury living, the energy efficient gathers no trace of pollution or age-related issues like cracks, rusting and peeling of paints. The sparkling metallic finish is resistant to the fingerprints and oil marks too.

Unadulterated privacy without curtains:

Privacy is a major concern in modern cities.  Security and privacy are synonymous today, considering the frequency of break-ins. Low emission energy efficient single hung impact windows reduce the visibility from the outside to nearly 90%.  Even when your house is lit from the inside, it remains unbelievably dark from the outside.  This alone proves how private your living is.

single-hung-windows-miami-dadeNo gaps in the windows, no gaps in services:

There is less than 0.0001 percent chance of failure of a single hung glass window from this category.  Even if there is an occurrence of a fault, the specialists replace the window the very day you complain at no additional cost.  How to identify the best installed single hung window? Look for gaps—gaps between the glasses, the frame, and the glass, and the pane spacers.

If it mists during the morning, your window needs a replacement.  Best single hung windows are 100% gap proof and gather no mist on the inside.

These windows forge a great compatibility pairing with PVC, aluminum, and wooden frames. Depending on the budget, choose a complete single hung window solution for best energy efficient living in a 21st-century house.



Top 9 Smart Tips for Selecting Best Impact Windows for Home & Business

Impact resistant doors and windows are must for people living in coastal areas.  Good windows and doors installed in home and business means that you can have a good sleep without being worried about the hurricane season. It is good to get these installed before the hurricane season approaches. Here we are going to reveal top 9 smart tips for selecting best impact windows and doors for your home and business.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors1.  Think from Long term prospective:

Impact windows are expensive, thus it is very important that you should carefully select a window. Go for a quality windows that gives ultimate protection to home and don’t need replacement for a long time.

2.  Custom Windows:

Always make it a point to measure the size of your windows and doors. If you simply opt for standard windows size then it is quite possible that it doesn’t property fit to your existing window space. Most of the storm shutter and impact resistant window companies provide customized windows and shutters. The custom impact windows easily fit in the space. The tight fit significantly decreases the chances of air and water leak. It is also quite efficient in saving heat loss. The installation of custom door and impact windows is easy and quick. They also improve the aesthetic of the interior.

Impact Windows3.  Durable:

Select impact windows that are sturdy, durable and manufactured using the latest technology. A window made from premium quality material will give complete protection from storm. It will be energy efficient and low on maintenance.

4.  Look for features:

Make sure that the window you are finalizing apart from storm protection offers you UV protection and low energy consumptions. It should also result in sound reduction. Most, importantly it should be easy to operate.

Impact Resistant Windows5.  Choose a Stylish Windows:

Nowadays companies are coming up with impact resistant windows in a variety of designs, so you can easily select window that matches with the décor of your home. A beautiful window will lease a new life to your home. It will increase its value.

6.  Inquire about U-Factor:

Before going ahead with the purchase enquire about the U-factor of the doors and windows you are planning to buy for your home. The U-factor tells about the heat flow of the windows. Minimum U-factor means the windows is going to be more energy efficient. It is advisable to go for such windows.

7.  Inquire about R-Value:

It represents the insulating value of the material. Always choose a window and door with higher insulating value.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows8.  Give Priority to Customer Service:

Nowadays, customer service has become one of the most important parameter for selecting product and service. The same goes for when selecting the brand/manufacturer for impact windows. Don’t forget to check for customer reviews in various forms.

9.  Find About Warranty:

Cleary read the warranty offered by the window manufacturer. Understand the terms and conditions and it will save you from any dispute later on.


Why Installing Sliding Doors Is A Great Idea For Home?

When it comes to installing doors, you will like to give lots of considerations in regards to ventilations, efficiency, space as well as aesthetics. Going for Hurricane sliding doors is a great option and many homeowners prefer these kinds of stylish doors that serve a good function as well. These doors are ideal as entrances to the main patio or even the backyard. These mainly come with special glass or screens in order to give the necessary insect protection even while doors are left open.

Available In Plethora Of Configurations:

When you make up your mind to go for these doors, you will have to decide on the specific types of configurations that you want. Some of these are available with dual locking mechanisms for added safety. On the other hand, some of the configurations involve hidden installations and assembly screws with slanted or square adaptors. The best thing about these doors is that you can find them in diverse finishes and materials with different glass colors. As a result, you are free to choose from any of these options to suit your needs and budget.

Hurricane Sliding Glass DoorsUsing In Various Settings:

The Hurricane sliding glass doors are designed in such a way that they can be used in wide varieties of settings and for hosts of applications. You will find some good hardware stores that will offer you some of the most amazing varieties of sliding doors to suit your requirements. These are not only available in various sizes and configurations, but also for different uses. Some stores can even customize the doors as per your specifications. All you have to do is to provide the basic information like the type, the size and also the area of installation.

Hurricane Sliding DoorsFew Important Factors:

Prior to installing and investing on these doors, you need to consider some crucial factors. Make sure that it serves the purpose for which you want to install. Accordingly, you should determine the thickness and the weight of the door. The combination of these things will create a great impact on the performance. Hence, it is significant to identify proper specifications before purchasing any of the varieties of these doors and their fittings.

Getting Immense Benefits:

If you have never used these doors, you might not be aware of the immense benefits offered by them. You can consider the advantages and finalize your decision on these doors. These doors can certainly help in saving lots of space in your home. Any kind of obstruction due to opening and closing of doors is eliminated. These are even perfect for bathrooms, whereby you can separate the wet area from the dry ones. Moreover, if you have a room with little ventilation and light, these doors are the perfect solutions.

Impact resistant sliding glass doorsCleaning and maintaining them is easy, and therefore once you have installed these doors, you will not have to spend much on them. Moreover, the sliding doors can also serve a great purpose for a long time to come. Do not forget to consider the type of glass in this context.



Why to go for Impact Front Doors?

As you are looking forward to changing the door of your house, you will come across plenty of options. However, like any other homeowner, you should also carefully consider your options and requirements before finalizing your decision on a particular door. For instance, you should consider the area you live in when selecting the door. Some areas even have particular building codes and standards in choosing doors. You should also consider the level of protection and security required in your area in choosing your front door. The combination of these things will help you get the best option.

The Most Suitable Option:

If you live in a hurricane prone area or if your area is disturbed by security threats, going for impact front doors is an ideal option. While the concept of impact doors and windows are getting popular in the recent times, many are not aware of the concept even till date. If you belong to the same group, it is crucial for you to understand the basics of these doors and the benefits of the same. Accordingly, it will be easy for you to select a front door and install it in your home for complete protection.

Impact Front DoorStrong and durable:

One of the major characteristics of Impact Front Doors is that they are built to be strong and durable. They are mostly made of metals like steel or aluminum and they come with double layers of protection. They have the ability to resist strong impact of winds or debris blown by the wind. Once installed, you will not have to think of another investment for a long time to come.

Increasing protection:

You never know when a storm hits your area. However, when you have the impact front doors installed, you and your family members can stay safe from the extremes of weather. Apart from that they can even offer protection from the intruders because these doors are not easy to break. Hence, your home will be safe even when you are not inside.

impact windowFree from maintenance:

One of the major reasons for which most homeowners invest in impact windows and front doors is the maintenance free feature. Both aluminum and steel are resistant to corrosion even when they are exposed to the harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, most of these doors come with instructions from manufacturers. You will just have to follow these instructions in order to make sure that you continue getting benefits from the door for a long time to come.

Impact windowsProfessional Installation Necessary:

Never do the installation of impact windows and doors yourself. Although, it may look easy but certainly needs to be done by professionals. The installation is the key to the success of a product. Avail services of professional to do the installation of impact doors and windows.

Also, make it a point to buy them from reputed hurricane windows and doors sellers. Nowadays almost all the companies dealing in storm shutters, hurricane resistant entry doors and related products have online presence.

Top 5 Pointers to know before Investing in Single Hung Window

Since windows are crucial parts of your home, it is important to make sure that you install the right style of window. One of the most common and classic types of windows available in the market today is single hung window. You might have come across the option of double hung windows where both the top and bottom sashes can be closed and opened. In a single hung style, only a single sash can be opened and closed. The upper sash is stationary while the bottom sash can be raised or lowered for maximizing the flow of air.

double pane single hung windowsHere are some of the important things to know about the window before making your move-

1.  The costs:

A single one is generally less expensive than the double one because the amount of hardware required is less in this case. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $250 for these types of windows.  Sometimes, the cost might even go up based on the design and style you wish to consider.

Single hung windows2.  The durability:

Based on the material used for these windows, the durability can vary largely. If you go for a wooden frame, it will add to the warmth and aesthetic appeal of your home, but it is not that durable. On the other hand, fiberglass is designed to imitate wood, but is durable. Even the amount of maintenance required is minimal. Vinyl is also a good option because it not only requires less maintenance, but also offers good maintenance.

3.  Energy efficiency:

A double pane single hung window is slightly more energy efficient than the double hung windows. The window can leak less heat because only one sash can be operated. Thus, your home will lose less heat. Make sure that you give attention to the type of glass used because it will determine the overall energy efficiency of your home. This will also determine the level of ventilation inside your home.

Single hung windows4.  Repairs and maintenance:

Make sure that you clean your window thoroughly in the course of a year. This will make your window in perfect working conditions round the year. At times, it might be difficult for you to clean this window because only a single sash can be opened. At the same time, you should make it a point to clean these windows from the outside so that the window is fully maintained. This might often pose a problem, if your window is on the upper levels. Make sure that you follow the instructions of manufacturers while cleaning them.

5.  The Best Solution:

In any case, you can be certain that the single hung window can often turn out to be a simple and the best solution for your home. When you are successful in choosing the perfect style, it will add to the functionality along with improving the overall appearance of your home. These windows are even an inexpensive option, as mentioned and they can largely boost the insulation of your home. Hence, you can definitely go for it.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Sliding Doors

When it comes to installing a door, there are more than 10 types that can go with your home design. The most common type of door which you will find is the framed door. With time, most door manufacturers have started emphasizing on building doors that are stronger and easy to install. One of the most popular door designs is the Sliding door.

Use this simple Sliding Door information for your reference while shopping.

1.  Sliding doors with architectural stability:

Sliding doors have typically one fixed panel. It could be wither a top hung panel or a bottom panel, depending on the space and size the door frame takes. For stability, the fixed panel comes with a matching panel frame that slides sideways across top and bottom tracks. Panel materials could be made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy or even reinforced plastic polymers as per budget.

2.  Sliding Hurricane doors:

If you are planning to install storm or hurricane sliding doors in sliding frame, ensure that the glass material is quality assured as per inspection. These sliding doors are installed as front and rear doors, and sometimes in patio too. Buy a storm sliding door with a removal glass frame panel that can be replaced with a netted mesh or simply screen for better ventilation on clear days.

hurricane sliding glass doors3.  Which type of sliding door to buy?

Depending on the size of the room, there are two popular versions of sliding doors recommended by builders. They are;
Pocket sliders
Arcadia doors

A pocket sliding door is installed where space is a constraint. These sliding doors camouflage with the wall surface, often giving a decorative appearance. When there is no room for a hinged door, and you wish to have a continuous wall effect, use pocket sliding doors.

There are single door and double door versions available in the pocket sliders. Ideal for installations in veranda, bathrooms and kitchens, these doors are considered easy to use if you have an elderly person or a disabled resident in the house.

Arcadia doors are exclusively used in master bedrooms to maintain the thermal consistency in the room. Other versions of the sliding doors that you can check for installation at home are:

Mirrored doors
French doors
Bypass doors
Louvered or shuttered sliding doors

Influenced by the Oriental architecture, popular sliding door designs like Shoji and Fusuma panel doors are also raking massive commercial attention from both designers as well as customers.

hurricane impact sliding glass doors4.  Energy efficiency:

Since glass is a poor thermal conductor, you should buy a sliding door with glass frames fabricated with triple glazed materials. To give more strength against outdoor forces, these glasses can be fixed with reinforced mullions and faux grids serving dual purpose of maintaining energy efficiency in the space.

5.  Automatic operations:

Some companies are offering installation of hurricane impact sliding doors with automation. Automatic sliding doors are common in commercial areas like showrooms and offices. The magnetic locking ensures that the door stays within its panel.

You can even install them in your bathroom to extend a luxurious touch blended with technology.

Impact Windows: Symbol of Safe, Smart and Luxurious Living

If you are searching for an alternative option against shutters and storm panels for your windows and doors, Impact windows should be your first choice. Available in aluminium, vinyl and stainless steel frame, impact windows are installed exclusively on the outer walls to protect your house not just against hurricane and storms, but also against robbers and mobsters.

Here are some top features of an impact window that make them a good choice against all traditional varieties.

1.  One piece engineering:

Unlike traditional windows that get shattered with one blow, impact windows can last many blows and still retain their surface. Built to last devastating effects of rain, hail, snowfall, storm fliers and many more particles that can shatter your regular glass window, Impact  resistant windows are created using one-piece engineering.

Impact windows are engineered using PVB inter-layers that are sealed between two layers of reinforced glass. Even when the outer glass shatters due to projectile hit, the inner layers remain clung to the middle frame, ensuring 14 hour protection against winds and rocks.

2.  Hugely energy efficient:

Customers who installed impact windows at their home witnessed a significant drop in their utility bills. Use of impact windows proves to be a hugely energy saving option. Built with double glazed glass panels fixed to strong aluminium and vinyl frames, the glazing gives the windows the tag of ‘super efficient’.

Impact Resistant Window3.  Architectural intensity at its best:

Are you planning to install a panoramic window on your roof or a terraced window on your penthouse? Impact windows not only fit the requirement but also prove to be cheaper than conventional bay window designs. With their insulating capabilities, you can enjoy the sunlight without compromising the efficiency of HVAC unit. Thanks to the Impact windows!

Give your home design a more sophisticated appeal with these windows.

4.  Enjoy sunlight minus the UV radiation:

Not all windows can guarantee protection against the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. UV rays cause skin cancer and impact windows block these radiations too from entering your room.

Known to offer almost 99% protection against UV light, you and your assets like Persian rugs, leather upholstered furniture and photographs will last longer than ever.

Enjoy direct sunlight without getting tanned or being inflicted with the consequences of being exposed to too much UV radiations.

5.  Absolutely No Noise:

You no longer need to construct a wall to muffle that disturbing sound from the road and neighbourhood. Install the impact windows and experience a silent zone right inside your house.

Impact Windows

Single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed glasses with multiple reinforcement layers give a 100% sound-proof space.

Who should install Impact windows?

Norms says that home owners living in coastal areas and on hills prefer installing impact windows than those living in plains. Since impact windows not only give protection against hurricane but also against burglary attempts, it is sensible to get impact windows fixed in all modern day homes.

They are easy to install and last longer than most conventional windows. Moreover, at an affordable budget initially, you can enjoy the benefits for a very long time, without worrying about replacing them in near future anytime sooner.