Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Impact Windows & Doors

Installing impact windows in Florida is a crazy trend. Despite the popularity and recent norm setting, house owners continue to face difficulty in extracting the best results from these relatively new protection solutions.
Here are 6 FAQs that buyers ask before making an investment for new homes and renovated units.

1.  How does an impact window assembly differ from a traditional glass window?

Impact windows and doors are characterized by their assembly and glass engineering. The shatter-proof glass is fastened to the highly durable and sturdy aluminum frame. The glazing of the shatter-proof glass involves annealed/tempered glass surface bonded to an intermediate layer of a reinforced fiber membraneImpact windows and doors The fiber membrane is the core element that gives the impact windows and doors it’s non-penetrative feature. When a projectile hits the surface, the shock is absorbed uniformly to the whole area and then recoiled back. The projectile literally bounces off like a ricocheted bullet without damaging the glass surface.

2.  How is the price of an impact window decided?

The thickness of the intermediate core membrane and the material used for glazing are key factors that decide the price of an impact glass used in single hung, sliding and double-hung windows. The typical material used to make impact windows is Polyvinyl Butryl (PVB).

Other material used in place of EVB is interlayer Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is mostly available as laminated series and windshields. PVB Impact windows are costlier but more effective compared to the other interlayer windows.

3.  Do Impact Windows really matter so much?

Yes, they do, especially if you live in a locality that is frequently wrecked by high-speed storms and hurricanes. Impact windows and doors are used in single hung, double hung and shutter styled erections.  The impact windows are a sizeable portfolio when it comes to best home solutions offered by top ranking builders and architects.

4.  Does it help in earning hurricane insurance?

Yes, and the answer is a resounding benefit for buyers who have lost their house to hurricanes. Impact windows can withstand the fury of the flying debris, trees, and stones. They also remain intact without shattering into pieces. The largest number of casualties reported during hurricane catastrophe are related to injuries due to glass splinters breaking way and piercing the bodies.

5.  Does it help in Property Insurance as well?

Hurricane insurance providers offer exciting discounts and credits to house owners who have installed high-end impact windows and doors. Even insurance providers on property damage and car damage offer similar discounts if the owner takes special care in installing hurricane resistant and Low impact shutter doors and impact windows.

6.  Where can I install the impact windows?

Impact windows can be installed anywhere you wish to like the basement, bathrooms, garage, terrace and even roofs. They don’t disturb the structural integrity of the house, instead, they only add to it. They come in a wide range of colors, tints, and textures making them easy to configure with the overall color and ambiance scheme of the house.



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