Top 5 Pointers to know before Investing in Single Hung Window

Since windows are crucial parts of your home, it is important to make sure that you install the right style of window. One of the most common and classic types of windows available in the market today is single hung window. You might have come across the option of double hung windows where both the top and bottom sashes can be closed and opened. In a single hung style, only a single sash can be opened and closed. The upper sash is stationary while the bottom sash can be raised or lowered for maximizing the flow of air.

double pane single hung windowsHere are some of the important things to know about the window before making your move-

1.  The costs:

A single one is generally less expensive than the double one because the amount of hardware required is less in this case. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $250 for these types of windows.  Sometimes, the cost might even go up based on the design and style you wish to consider.

Single hung windows2.  The durability:

Based on the material used for these windows, the durability can vary largely. If you go for a wooden frame, it will add to the warmth and aesthetic appeal of your home, but it is not that durable. On the other hand, fiberglass is designed to imitate wood, but is durable. Even the amount of maintenance required is minimal. Vinyl is also a good option because it not only requires less maintenance, but also offers good maintenance.

3.  Energy efficiency:

A double pane single hung window is slightly more energy efficient than the double hung windows. The window can leak less heat because only one sash can be operated. Thus, your home will lose less heat. Make sure that you give attention to the type of glass used because it will determine the overall energy efficiency of your home. This will also determine the level of ventilation inside your home.

Single hung windows4.  Repairs and maintenance:

Make sure that you clean your window thoroughly in the course of a year. This will make your window in perfect working conditions round the year. At times, it might be difficult for you to clean this window because only a single sash can be opened. At the same time, you should make it a point to clean these windows from the outside so that the window is fully maintained. This might often pose a problem, if your window is on the upper levels. Make sure that you follow the instructions of manufacturers while cleaning them.

5.  The Best Solution:

In any case, you can be certain that the single hung window can often turn out to be a simple and the best solution for your home. When you are successful in choosing the perfect style, it will add to the functionality along with improving the overall appearance of your home. These windows are even an inexpensive option, as mentioned and they can largely boost the insulation of your home. Hence, you can definitely go for it.


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