Top 5 Tips for Buying Sliding Doors

When it comes to installing a door, there are more than 10 types that can go with your home design. The most common type of door which you will find is the framed door. With time, most door manufacturers have started emphasizing on building doors that are stronger and easy to install. One of the most popular door designs is the Sliding door.

Use this simple Sliding Door information for your reference while shopping.

1.  Sliding doors with architectural stability:

Sliding doors have typically one fixed panel. It could be wither a top hung panel or a bottom panel, depending on the space and size the door frame takes. For stability, the fixed panel comes with a matching panel frame that slides sideways across top and bottom tracks. Panel materials could be made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy or even reinforced plastic polymers as per budget.

2.  Sliding Hurricane doors:

If you are planning to install storm or hurricane sliding doors in sliding frame, ensure that the glass material is quality assured as per inspection. These sliding doors are installed as front and rear doors, and sometimes in patio too. Buy a storm sliding door with a removal glass frame panel that can be replaced with a netted mesh or simply screen for better ventilation on clear days.

hurricane sliding glass doors3.  Which type of sliding door to buy?

Depending on the size of the room, there are two popular versions of sliding doors recommended by builders. They are;
Pocket sliders
Arcadia doors

A pocket sliding door is installed where space is a constraint. These sliding doors camouflage with the wall surface, often giving a decorative appearance. When there is no room for a hinged door, and you wish to have a continuous wall effect, use pocket sliding doors.

There are single door and double door versions available in the pocket sliders. Ideal for installations in veranda, bathrooms and kitchens, these doors are considered easy to use if you have an elderly person or a disabled resident in the house.

Arcadia doors are exclusively used in master bedrooms to maintain the thermal consistency in the room. Other versions of the sliding doors that you can check for installation at home are:

Mirrored doors
French doors
Bypass doors
Louvered or shuttered sliding doors

Influenced by the Oriental architecture, popular sliding door designs like Shoji and Fusuma panel doors are also raking massive commercial attention from both designers as well as customers.

hurricane impact sliding glass doors4.  Energy efficiency:

Since glass is a poor thermal conductor, you should buy a sliding door with glass frames fabricated with triple glazed materials. To give more strength against outdoor forces, these glasses can be fixed with reinforced mullions and faux grids serving dual purpose of maintaining energy efficiency in the space.

5.  Automatic operations:

Some companies are offering installation of hurricane impact sliding doors with automation. Automatic sliding doors are common in commercial areas like showrooms and offices. The magnetic locking ensures that the door stays within its panel.

You can even install them in your bathroom to extend a luxurious touch blended with technology.


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