Impact Windows: Symbol of Safe, Smart and Luxurious Living

If you are searching for an alternative option against shutters and storm panels for your windows and doors, Impact windows should be your first choice. Available in aluminium, vinyl and stainless steel frame, impact windows are installed exclusively on the outer walls to protect your house not just against hurricane and storms, but also against robbers and mobsters.

Here are some top features of an impact window that make them a good choice against all traditional varieties.

1.  One piece engineering:

Unlike traditional windows that get shattered with one blow, impact windows can last many blows and still retain their surface. Built to last devastating effects of rain, hail, snowfall, storm fliers and many more particles that can shatter your regular glass window, Impact  resistant windows are created using one-piece engineering.

Impact windows are engineered using PVB inter-layers that are sealed between two layers of reinforced glass. Even when the outer glass shatters due to projectile hit, the inner layers remain clung to the middle frame, ensuring 14 hour protection against winds and rocks.

2.  Hugely energy efficient:

Customers who installed impact windows at their home witnessed a significant drop in their utility bills. Use of impact windows proves to be a hugely energy saving option. Built with double glazed glass panels fixed to strong aluminium and vinyl frames, the glazing gives the windows the tag of ‘super efficient’.

Impact Resistant Window3.  Architectural intensity at its best:

Are you planning to install a panoramic window on your roof or a terraced window on your penthouse? Impact windows not only fit the requirement but also prove to be cheaper than conventional bay window designs. With their insulating capabilities, you can enjoy the sunlight without compromising the efficiency of HVAC unit. Thanks to the Impact windows!

Give your home design a more sophisticated appeal with these windows.

4.  Enjoy sunlight minus the UV radiation:

Not all windows can guarantee protection against the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. UV rays cause skin cancer and impact windows block these radiations too from entering your room.

Known to offer almost 99% protection against UV light, you and your assets like Persian rugs, leather upholstered furniture and photographs will last longer than ever.

Enjoy direct sunlight without getting tanned or being inflicted with the consequences of being exposed to too much UV radiations.

5.  Absolutely No Noise:

You no longer need to construct a wall to muffle that disturbing sound from the road and neighbourhood. Install the impact windows and experience a silent zone right inside your house.

Impact Windows

Single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed glasses with multiple reinforcement layers give a 100% sound-proof space.

Who should install Impact windows?

Norms says that home owners living in coastal areas and on hills prefer installing impact windows than those living in plains. Since impact windows not only give protection against hurricane but also against burglary attempts, it is sensible to get impact windows fixed in all modern day homes.

They are easy to install and last longer than most conventional windows. Moreover, at an affordable budget initially, you can enjoy the benefits for a very long time, without worrying about replacing them in near future anytime sooner.


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