Reasons to buy Impact Resistant Windows for your Home and Office

Do you live in a place that is often visited by hurricanes and suffer hailstorms? Are you scared that the windows and the doors will shatter due to impact of the debris? Are you worried that the debris will injure your loved ones and damage your pricey property? Well, you no longer have to worry as the market is full of specially designed impact windows and doors. These doors are listed as among the most popular and the safest bets to install at your home, offices and terraces. They are available in standard sizes and a variety of designs that will touch your heart.

Impact resistant windows are specifically designed with an intention to replace all the existing windows that are traditional in styling and least safe to handle the varying weather conditions and communal hazards.

Impact Resistant Windows

What are the special features of the Impact windows?

Despite belonging to same family of windows, the impact windows are entirely different segment. They are used in the building as part of hurricane protection products along with the impact front doors. They have successfully replaced the plywood-ridden doors that were often found in the areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes and windy storms. Most doors and windows are damaged due to the flying debris, pebbles, leaves, trunks and even animals thrown in air with the high-speed winds. Some time, hails and snowflakes too may become the cause of severe damage.

– Safety and Security

Owing to the thick layered structure, the impact windows are also safe against robbery and burglary attempts. You are bound to get maximum security and stress-free living with these windows.

– Super stylish

Impact windows come in shutter, single hung and French window styles. Apart from the protection from the hurricane, impact windows look good and stylish. They blend perfectly with the ambience.

– Zero Noise Penetration

Impact windows offer a noise-proof ambience with zero penetration of the disturbance from the outside. The running Lorries, disturbing drilling and sawing work in the neighbourhood and even the shrieks of the kids playing in the law are all muffled completely by the Impact windows. What you get is a clear and tranquil ambience in the inside!!!

Impact Resistant Windows

Highly Efficient Internal systems

These impact windows are also high efficient in keeping the temperatures inside the house at optimum level. It increases the power efficiency significantly. You no longer have to worry about the insolation of the sun affecting your inside temperatures. During chilly weather, the efficiency of the heating system also increases due to the installation of the highly-reliable Impact windows.

Services offered by the Impact Windows’ distributors

Impact windows are also available in customized sizes and can be fitted with grills and extra layer of glass for extra safety and privacy. The final sizes and design are advised, framed, approved and installed by the installers of the impact windows themselves. The installation service provided by the distributors of the impact windows takes less than 8 hours. Carrying it from the warehouse or the retail shop to your home takes less than a week. Once you order it, the windows will be finished at your home, matching your whole exterior and interior design in 2-3 weeks at max. Impact windows distributors also offer great inventory clearance sales with free pickup and delivery Installation charges may be additional, but the service is impeccable. Opting for the impact windows is definitely a safe idea, even when you are least likely to be hit by a hurricane.


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