Top 5 tips to maximise the utility of Hurricane Resistant Entry Door

The fashion of using the Hurricane resistant entry doors began in places that are struck by hurricanes, storms and torrential rainfalls all over the years. The doors and windows form an important system of a house that ensures strength, protection and immunity to the people living in it. What is the use of installing a door that can hardly match the force of the mighty storms and hurricane? If the doors give away, the roof will fall too and all your properties will be left submerged under debris and mud. The biggest danger posed by weak doors is concerned with human life.

Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors

We tell you top 5 tips on how to install and maximize the utility features of the Hurricane Resistant Entry Door at your home.

1. Go for a strong metallic frame:

The Hurricane Resistant Entry Door is fairly rigid in its construction. To add extra protection, try installing metallic frame to the corners of doors, so the door does not give way in case a hurricane of higher intensity strikes your locality. It also ensures that the door receives additional support in terms of weight and balance. The Hurricane Resistant Entry Door is well coordinated with the features of the overall design. Ensure that there are no fractures and cracks when you install them.

2. Never pin your door surface with nails:

The Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors are installed for safety and not for storage. Any fault in its outer or internal surface can lead to bigger issues, especially when the hurricanes strike. Nailing you door surface to hang clothes or artefacts could fracture the internal layers of the door. The hurricane doors are layered with reinforced metal sheaths and fibre parts to add durability to the overall structure. Don’t make any decorative changes to the Hurricane Resistant Entry Door as it can reduce the efficiency of the unit in the long run.

Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors

3. Blend your door with interior settings

The Hurricane Resistant Entry Door may look crude in their design, but with available engineering, it can be blended with the interior settings and furnishings. Try wooden textures to enhance the appeal of the doors and make a bold statement. Go for light enhancements like fibre additions. Avoid glass pieces, metallic hooks and other heavy weight units at all cost, as it disturbs the balance of the Hurricane Resistant Entry Door.

4. Apply energy saving coating on the exterior

The Hurricane Resistant Entry Door is built to ensure maximum efficiency. If you have a cooling and heating unit at home, do try to install a hurricane door as it is the ideal way to retain optimum temperature. It is observed that installing these doors can greatly reduce the energy consumption and improve the look of the ambience without making too much of an investment. An additional energy saving coating made of sunray reflecting compound will add a winning punch to the way you look at your doors.

Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors

5. Seal your edges to avoid burglary

The weakness of a door lies in its heart. The Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors are stubborn piece of furniture. They can’t be broken or damaged easily. As a preventive measure, always ensure that you seal off the edges of the door with strong brass portions. It will add definition and beauty to the door part.


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