Hurricane Doors: The Friend in the Storm Prone Zone

Severe storm and hurricanes can wreck havoc to the integral strength of a house and its adjacent foundations. Most houses fail to withstand the impact owing to the faulty openings and weak door and window layout. Contemporary windows and door layouts make use of high-end impact resistance and wind-resistance shields and glasses to prevent the windows of breaking away or letting the debris come into the house. In cases where weather forecast predicts a severe storm, it is considered smart to pack the building openings like a strongly sealed bottle that stands its ground based on concrete foundation. Despite strong concrete construction, a broken window or a cracked door can drastically affect the unit’s structural reliability. Latest line of hurricane resistant entry doors ensure that even when the glasses of the frames are cracked, the internal reinforcements and fragmented materials will resist the wind impact and prevent the glass pieces from giving away or peel off like paper. The glasses are layered with the Impact-resistant compounds designed to remain in the frame even when it faces strong gust of wind or a stone impact. The hurricane resistant doors are used in patios, alleys and terrace entries where the wind speed is relatively greater and more powerful.

Hurricane Doors

These doors have few salient features that make them suitable for fitting in every house and at all locations and topographies. Easy to install and remove, the doors come with quick replacement and maintenance manuals. We take a lot into why these doors have made a strong statement in regions where hurricane wreck severe damage year after year.

Strong construction and enforcement beneath glass
Modern day Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors come with strong construction and reinforcements. They comply with the most-stringent regulations imposed by the building makers in the country. Adhering to the toughest building codes, these doors don’t giveaway anything when it comes to looks, and aesthetic value attached to them and their presence. As per standards, the hurricane resistant doors have to be built so strong that they are capable of withstanding against a pellet measuring 8 square inches travelling at 35 miles an hour. If the impact causes a severe dent, then the glass is not fit for use and immediately replaced as per the regulations.

Break-in proof
Owing to the hurricane resistant door’s interlaced reinforcements under the glass pane, it offers excellent resistance against break-ins and robberies. They can withstand glass cutter pressures and can only be cut using industrial-rating cutters.

Jazzed up Aesthetic value
In many cultures, doors are the gateway to heaven or paradise. A door reflects the mood and status of a person and the family’s prosperity. Since they offer good interlaying framework, versatile artwork and carvings can be easily done to add more grace to their overall look.

Energy Shield
The hurricane resistant doors offer all time protection and come with energy-efficient framework.  The compound materials used in the doors and the intricately wired components offer double strength compared to those made of vinyl compounds. They also reduce isolation by blocking thermal heat transfers by around 800 times as rated against conventional aluminium and wooden doors. These doors also have a favourable rating when it comes to reduced sound transmission.


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