How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Millions of people live close to the coastal area and suffer from the fear of hurricanes hitting them. Hurricanes do not hit all areas located close to the coast but some regions where the frequency is quite high. People who are living in such areas have to find out a variety of ways to protect their homes from the onslaught of this natural disaster. One area where it is must to invest is hurricane protection. This cannot be ignored in any case. Five steps that you can take to minimize the impact of storm are as under-

1. Securing windows

Winds with high speed accompanying hurricanes or storms are the major reason behind mass scale devastation. Debris is picked up by these winds that are sent flying into the homes through open doors or windows. The debris may have sharpenels or anything hazardous and can cause a lot of harm to the people. For instance, branches of trees or even logs lying in your backyard may prove damaging. When the wind speed is too high, it is almost difficult to control damage as a result of it. In order to avoid breaching of your home, you need to secure your windows tightly. These days majority of windows have glass panes and shattered glass may prove to be another big issue. As such, it is better to use hurricane shutters to secure windows tightly.


2. Securing the garage door

If your house has an attached garage, it also needs to be properly secured. This attachment to the house may prove to be a weak link as hurricane strong winds can easily blow it away. As soon as the door of the garage is blown off, your home will be filled with wind pressure. Once it happens, it is just a matter of few minutes when the doors as well as windows of your home also blows in. The worst scenario can be roof caving in! In order to avoid this chain of events, it is better to secure the garage door properly. Though costly, you can also go for hurricane resistant garage doors.

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3. Installation of hurricane straps

Hurricane straps made up of galvanized metal can also be used for securing roof trusses to the wall studs. In case, a new home is being constructed, it is important to ensure that hurricane straps are used by the builder as this is the most popular as well as cost effective means of ensuring that the roof doesn’t blow away during hurricane. For installation of hurricane straps, services of a contractor are needed.

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4. Elimination of possible projectiles

If you are aware about the warning regarding hurricane or a storm, you can take a walk around your home, inside as well as outside, to see any object that may be picked up by the strong winds turning into flying projectiles. Some of these objects can birdbaths, garden ornaments, patio furniture, grills, potted plants, toys of your children and more. They should be wither brought indoors or secured properly to avoid any damage.

5. Trees trimming

Tree trimming is also an important factor to look into when gearing up for facing hurricane menace.

If you want to install Hurricane Shutters contact Pro Storm Protection.


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