Maligned Myths of Hurricane Unmasked

The purpose of this article is to uncloak the basic myths associated with Mother Nature’s most furious storms – Hurricane, which can even cost one’s life. The facts mentioned below have been scientifically proven and are being discussed to save people and keep them updated with the changing trend to avoid fateful decisions.

Hurricane Safety

Adhesion of masking tape – Flying debris with rate of hundred miles an hour can easily shatter the widows, using plywood or shutters increases the survival from storm.

Opening widow opposite to the direction of wind – This does not prevent the house from exploding as houses are not airtight, this rather increases threat. It is recommended to seal all windows to protect the house from wind and flying debris.

No risk in going out when in the eye of hurricane – It is safe to stay inside as it unpredictable when the eye passes on.


Storm surge affects coastal area only – The dome of water reaches the height of 25 – 30 feet which rushes ruthlessly miles past coastline. Therefore, houses in the inland are not spared from the disastrous effect of surge.

Installing shutter on the eastern side as wind flows from eastHurricane winds do not follow directions, it can flow from anywhere even above, so it’s better to have shutters in all sides.

Hurricanes hit in the summer – It is wise to be secure at all times as history of Hurricane Lili formed in December 1984 and Tropical storm Ana formed in April 2003 proves otherwise. Therefore, it is wise to be prepared at all seasons.

Just securing windows are of major concern – Hurricane spares no door or widows. Always ensure extra protection to save the house at all points.

Home insurance covers damage caused by Hurricane – Insurance companies view damage by wind and flood as two different things, so the entire damage caused is not covered. It is better to have it clarified in advance about what the policy actually covers.

Hurricane Shutters

It is safe to tie down and brace mobile home – Mobile homes are vulnerable to damage no matter how well it is secured and thus it is mandatory that its residents evacuate immediately.

Condos on the upper floor are safe from effects of surge – One must never evacuate to upper stories of the building to escape surge as wind speed is directly proportional to increasing altitude and is impossible to find help later on.

One must recheck and be sure that the safety installation are functioning properly and are ready to withstand the storm again and at any time of the year. People should ensure basic precautions to avoid catastrophic damage rather than accepting the fate of destruction. Always follow the evacuation plan, waiting for the last minute can prove wrongful; also ensure protective measures by carrying along the hurricane survival kit, cash and important papers. Last but not the least staying updated with latest information and choosing actions accordingly is a blessing, as research each year generates new data that leads to change in past information.

by Pro Storm Protection


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